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  •   The only other people I "talk" to about my psychic experiences are the wonderful friends I've met here on the blog. They have been a true lifeline.  

    - Fran

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Isabella Breaks A Skeptic

Isabella ext. 9402  Isabella, thank you for your keen insight, compassionate heart, and brutal honesty. Your valuable counsel has given me the ability to see past the impending pain of my anticipated divorce and to keep the hope of a better life beyond this anguish. You are a truly valued and trusted friend. I was skeptical about psychics at first, but if you are in real relationship trouble, this gifted young lady may be able to help you through it with dignity.

-         Jim, Calgary

Tao of The RZA

Tao of The RZA If you're a fan of the early (some might argue glory) days of hip-hop, you've probably heard of New York City rappers Wu-Tang Clan. Wu-Tang's mastermind Robert Diggs, known to the world as The RZA, has transformed his street sage lyricism into a new book on his personal spiritual quest.

The Tao of the Wu chronicles The RZA's ascent from humble beginnings in Staten Island, New York, to hip-hop megastar ... and posits his views and growth on spirituality and philosophy.

After visiting Buddhist temples in China and studying Taoism, Christianity, Confucianism, and Buddhism, The RZA's new work describes his own 7 pillars of living and finding fulfillment.

Looks like an interesting read from a completely unique perspective ... and The RZA is way cooler than Kanye.

Spiritual Effects of Psychedelic Music

87736681 By Justine McKnight

'Psychedelic, man!' An expression heard seldom in the year 2010 was once the depiction of what some would call a generation devoted to spiritual freedom, creative expression and many attempts to reach that higher level of consciousness ... one way or another. What happened to the magnificent musical trips so many manifested in the 60's and 70's? Drug users aside, not all found it necessary to use hallucinogens to let the music of Pink Floyd, Cream, or The Beatles take them on a spiritual ride through imagination and fantasy. 

An article I came across on talks about the effects, benefits and experimentation of how psychedelic music does more for you than just paint a pretty picture in your mind -- it could actually help you reach your spiritual goals. The author of the article, Tyler Woods, describes his experience with psychedelic music ... "It allowed your spiritual being to expand and develop. The possibilities became endless. I think that is why as a kid listening to psychedelic rock, I felt like I was tripping because I got the spiritual aspect of this music. It really was like finding God without even looking."

So what is it about psychedelic music or any music for that matter that could lead you into the realm of enlightenment? Music has a profound affect on the human psyche -- both the brain and the mind. From before a human is born, to someone well in their 80's, music stimulates the thinking, analytical, and planning parts of the brain, not to mention, the creativity centerl. It causes the brain to produce feel-good endorphins and chemicals are released that promote healing. 

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Success vs. Happiness

Success vs. Happiness

Sandra Bullock just won an Oscar ... she also was publicly humiliated by an adulterous spouse. Such a state of affairs seems almost like a trade off.

What do you think? If you could have a personal success of the caliber of an Oscar win, or a normal happy marriage, which would you choose?

An op-ed piece in the New York Times has more to say on the subject.

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